Top Crypto Influencers

Cryptocurrency influencers are the link between the blockchain industry and the general public.

Best crypto influencers simplify complicated blockchain topics for easy understanding.

Here are the top crypto influencers you should know.

CryptoCurrency Influencers

Elon Musk

Many people recognize Elon Musk as the unusual rich person behind Tesla and SpaceX, but for those deeply involved in cryptocurrencies, he is viewed almost like a god. The things

Elon writes on social media often show they can greatly change the prices of digital currencies. When Elon Musk put the Bitcoin hashtag in his Twitter bio, the price of this leading cryptocurrency increased by up to 20%.


Interestingly, Elon Musk really likes Dogecoin. Many people who like cryptocurrency are happy and sad because Elon has thought about letting people buy Teslas with DOGE before. So, if you like cryptocurrency, you can read more about the top crypto films and choose the best.

Vitalik Buterin – One of the Best Crypto Influencers

Contrary to what you might believe, Vitalik Buterin is not only known for his style at conferences. The top influencer in the crypto is actually the person who helped start Ethereum.

Vitalik had the thought for Ethereum when he was still a teenager after game creators took away a powerful spell from his best-loved character. This motivated Vitalik to start making platforms that are decentralized, which brought about the founding of Ethereum later on.

Today, Buterin is like a legend in the cryptocurrency community. Many ETH meme coins start because of his tweets that he does not plan, and some get very big trading volume. Vitalik is also a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and he counts among the youngest billionaires.

Richard Teng

When Changpeng Zhao resigned from being the CEO of Binance, as required by the U.S. Department of Justice, it did not take much time for the cryptocurrency community to learn who would come next in his position.

Previously the Head of Regional Markets, Richard Teng has now been promptly moved into Binance’s open CEO position following CZ’s departure. Currently, Richard Teng is at the helm of Binance and carries the duty of guiding the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally towards what lies ahead.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver, who was one of the first to adopt Bitcoin, focused on cryptocurrency from its beginning and has always moved forward. He didn’t just invest in Bitcoin; he quickly started supporting some of the first crypto companies such as and even became the CEO of

Roger Ver is involved in other cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin, supporting Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well.

Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao

Changpeng Zhao, who people call CZ, started Binance which is the top crypto exchange in the world. CZ might not be a usual social media star but when he posts tweets or shares his thoughts, it can really change what happens in the market.

The collapse of the FTX exchange happened after some mysterious tweets about different trading platforms caused widespread fear in the cryptocurrency community. This series of happenings was what finally caused it to fail.

Alex Becker

Alex Becker is a well-known figure in business and cryptocurrency, recognized for his unique opinions. Many of his followers appreciate how regularly he admits to being just as uncertain about the crypto world as everyone else. He never pretends to be an expert.

Becker is mostly using X, and he has a YouTube channel too that more than 1.3 million people are subscribed to. He started an NFT collection called Neo Tokyo together with another person who talks about crypto named Elliotrades.

The Danger Zone

Although crypto influencers have the potential to increase our understanding of crypto and blockchain, allowing us to make better choices, it’s not always what happens. Many influencers and traders in crypto prioritize  getting attention over providing education. A useful method to identify these is by recognizing the ‘open-mouth thumbnail’ commonly found on YouTube.

Following influencers without questioning is not wise, especially with those in the cryptocurrency space where more caution is necessary.

BitBoy Crypto

Ben ‘BitBoy Crypto’ Armstrong was once the biggest cryptocurrency influencer online. He had more than 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he also had a strong influence on X and TikTok—Armstrong could be found all over these platforms.

High follower numbers do not always mean someone is trustworthy. Even with a big following and known platform, Armstrong faces accusations of promoting without disclosure and he has shared scams involving alternative cryptocurrencies before. A respected blockchain detective, ZachXBT, has written a detailed Twitter thread exposing Bitboy Crypto.

Ben Armstrong’s period of causing fear ended in 2023 after several happenings damaged his reputation and finally took away his brand and positive recognition in the cryptocurrency area.

Within a short period, Armstrong made threats to reveal the identities of some secret creators, failed to attend court for his defense against accusations of harassment directed at him, and received legal action because he promoted FTT, which is the special currency of the FTX digital money exchange.

Eager to distance themselves from his actions, Ben Armstrong’s employer ‘Hit Network’ ended their association with him.

The tension peaked when Ben Armstrong, along with his secret lover holding a gun and drugs, arrived at the house of his past business colleague to take back a Lamborghini he said was his. Right away during a live broadcast, police took him into custody.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano is well-known and reliable in the cryptocurrency field. Pomp frequently uses different social media to talk about everything related to crypto. He’s often considered one of the earliest Bitcoin buyers.


Pompliano founded Pomp Investments, which is a hedge fund that focuses on digital assets. He has a YouTube channel that many people like, where he gives advice about investing in Altcoins and Bitcoin.

Dan Held

Dan Held is also an experienced person in Bitcoin, and he continuously follows what’s happening in the crypto news. He often posts on Twitter and makes a newsletter that simplifies Bitcoin for everyone to understand.

Held has seen many ups and downs in cryptocurrency trends while leading the expansion of major firms such as Uber and Kraken during his distinguished career.

Michael Saylor – One of the Top Crypto Influencers

Michael Saylor stands out as a major supporter of Bitcoin in the industry. He helped to start Microstrategy, which is a technology business with a large investment in BTC.

In the business circle, people view Saylor as a very strong supporter of Bitcoin. He is often on discussion programs, talks and audio shows to make blockchain technology easier to understand. Saylor has amassed a dedicated following amongst Twitter’s crypto community.

Guy ‘Coin Bureau’ Turner

Guy Turner is the host of a well-known YouTube channel called ‘Coin Bureau.’ He makes videos and is much liked in the crypto community. His channel’s videos give deep insights into new happenings in crypto but also keep it entertaining and simple to understand.

Guy Turner is popular on social media for his trustworthy information about cryptocurrencies, discussing topics ranging from Altcoins such as Litecoin and Ripple to the latest in DeFi movements and updates from exchanges.

Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz is a co-founder of the investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, which is very well liked  in the sector. He has many years working in business and venture capital and people see him as an expert on Altcoin and cryptocurrency investments.

Horowitz runs a very successful venture capital company in the cryptocurrency field and has also written multiple books about business and how to start your own company.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Antonopoulos maintains a busy online presence on social media platforms. He supports Bitcoin strongly and is very much in favor of the continuous advancement of blockchain technology overall.


Antonopolous authored five books which aid many individuals globally in understanding Bitcoin and Ethereum. He frequently interacts with his audience and hosts live sessions on his YouTube channel to talk about recent developments. Additionally, Antopolous hosts two crypto podcasts: Speaking of Bitcoin and Unscrypted.

Charlie Lee

For many people interested in cryptocurrency, they think the creator of Litecoin is a very important influencer. Charlie has done a lot for this area to grow, but recently he’s not been posting much on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Charlie is best known for creating the Litecoin network, but he also used to be the head of engineering at Coinbase, which is a major cryptocurrency exchange.

Tony ‘JRNY Crypto’ Spark

Crypto influencer Tony Spark, who people often call ‘JRNY Crypto,’ runs a well-known YouTube channel where he shared videos and talked about the market nearly every day during 2021 to 2022. Tony has grown his business now by starting two NFT series – the JRNY Club Pass and Planet Xolo.

JRNY Crypto is well-known especially because he predicted the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club and owns more than 100 BAYC NFTs.

Miles Duetscher

Miles Duetscher, a youthful cryptocurrency influencer in the crypto space, shows promise for growth. He started with a personal Twitter where he talked about DeFi trends and subjects related to crypto which has significantly expanded since then. Today, Miles is one of the more relatable public figures on Twitter.

He frequently participates in the Crypto Banter YouTube channel, giving his perspective on cryptocurrency news and events, and sometimes he recommends an alternative coin.


Similar to Cobie, Pentoshi is one of the original crypto influencers on Twitter. They pay close attention to everything related to cryptocurrencies and share insightful comments about the overall state of the cryptocurrency market.

Pentoshi usually shares simple technical analysis for crypto and bigger market trends, giving their followers more background to understand the cryptocurrency space better.

Frank Degods

Frank started Degods and y00ts NFT series, which are very known pictures on Solana blockchain. People who like Solana NFTs think what Frank says matters a lot.

When someone tweets about another collection, the people who trade NFTs quickly buy the cheapest ones available.

Although cryptoinfluencer Frank started Degods and y00ts on Solana, he is now moving these collections to Ethereum and Polygon networks for reaching more people.

Conclusion About Top Crypto Influencers

Top crypto influencers provide an enjoyable and easy-to-relate method for learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain from those who are knowledgeable. They assist in simplifying complicated subjects, boosting our assurance in the broader realm of crypto.

However, not everything shining is gold, this is true also for cryptocurrencies. You must create your own view rather than just following what influencers say without asking questions.


Who are crypto influencers❓

Crypto influencers are experts who share knowledge and updates about cryptocurrencies on various social media platforms.

Should I follow crypto influencers❓

Following the best crypto influencers can help you stay updated with the latest news and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

Can crypto influencers help with investment❓

Yes, many crypto influencers provide insights and advice that can help with making informed cryptocurrency investment decisions.

Where do crypto influencers post their content❓

Crypto influencers commonly post their content on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Are crypto influencers reliable❓

While many are knowledgeable, it’s important to cross-check their advice with other sources as not all influencers may provide accurate or reliable information.

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