Classy Social Network Functionalities

Classy social network will be powered by a special VPN Social app. The app will facilitate both the mobile version of the network and also the desktop version to offer extreme browsing privacy.


  • Youtube integrated

Classy network would come with YouTube integrated which is the world’s biggest video sharing platform. This way users would be able to not only view the billions of video available directly in their feed. But share them as well and get a fair reward for each impression, view and click.

Besides, this would also enable the network to avoid glitches being faced in the video content e.g. the current glitch of getting the app hanged while a video is being played on Facebook.

  • Peer to peer payment

Peer to peer payment system are electronic money transfers made from one person to another through an intermediary, typically referred to as a P2P payment application. P2P payments can be sent and received via mobile device or any home computer with access to the Internet, offering a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods. Classy Network has the builtin functionality of peer to peer payment that would facilitates the users to send and receive their earned amount directly into their e-wallets without having to worry about massive surcharges implemented on traditional payment methods.

  • Marketplace integrated

Classy Network incorporates all of the e-commerce functions. It will allow you to create a product Post for a specific product or service. Your friends, family or followers would see your post and would be able to purchase or bit directly.


  • Classy network mobile apps

Classy Network will be available both in the iOS and Android version. The mobile apps are being designed in a manner to support all features of the web version as well. Users would be able to chat, post, share, like and gets real time notification.

  • Instant Hollywood news and updates

For all Cinema lovers out there, Classy Network would allow you to get the latest updates from the world of Hollywood instantly. You would be able to watch and share videos related to Hollywood. And keep yourself updated about the newest trends in the world of fashion.

  • New publisher

The Classy Network also comes integrated with the custom functionality of supporting news publishing. You would be able to view, publish and share news instantly and keep updated about whatever interest you have.

  • Complete decentralized on-chain

Classy Network would be a completely decentralized on-chain platform that would allow user not to worry about a single decentralized authority controlling the entire network. Instead it will be the community who will be the actual owner of the platform. All of the application data, users data and multimedia uploads will be stored on the blockchain.


  • Personalized blog

Instead of creating a separate blog on sites such as WordPress or either, ClassyCoin comes integrated with Personalized blog functionality. Unlike the current social networking platforms which mainly provide users with he facility of posts. Classy Network let the users create a personalized blog supported by a variety of custom functionalities such as different fonts and customs designs. The user also has the facility to view, like and share other users’ blogs as well.

  • Listing service

Also, classy network sports a listing serviceĀ  with the aim to provide accurate and structured data about properties for sale. The listing service would maintain a mechanism for listing brokers to offer compensation to buyer brokers who bring a buyer for their listed property without any service fee.

  • Privacy

Finally, classy network is a community driver project whose main focus in the privacy of our community and its data. Powered by ethereum contract blockhain technology, all of the data is distributed on a ledger without any single point of focus or failure. Every single feature inside the network is end to end fully encrypted. Which make it impossible for any third party to access your data.







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