Bonus Rates

Rates Based on 1ETH

  • 500
    First Day

  • 400
    1st Week

  • 350
    2nd Week

  • 300
    3rd Week

  • 250
    4th Week

How to contribute?

Send ETH to 0x835c3e3cdbbfb0d4b098c20cb44586cb558c9c52

Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Polonicx etc

ClassyCoin will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived

Important Contract Information

Name: ClassyCoin
Symnol: ClassyCoin
Maximum Supply (hard cap) - 100,000,000 ClassyCoin
Emission rate - No new coins will ever be created

Role of Coin/Token - used to buy Goods, Services and Ad spaces on Classy Network

Available for puchase-70,000,000 ClassyCoin

Price - 1ETH = 10,000 ClassyCoin

Accepted Currency - ETH Only

Minimum Transaction Amount - 0.5 ETH

Coin Distribution - Smart Contract will distribute the token at the end of ICO

Minimum Goal - 1,000,000 ClassyCoin

If minimum not met, refund will be issued via the Smart Contract